What It’s Like To Be The Sister Who Doubles As A Bro


It’s wine Wednesday at your big’s, but the big game is streaming live at your favorite frat house. Your sisters will be disappointed not to see you at their weekly ritual, but you know the bros have a kick-ass game on the TV, cold beer in the fridge, and endless amounts of pizza so good that you won’t even think about the amount of carbs you are consuming because you are too focused on the score.

So maybe you are reading this and secretly thinking, “damn, that sounds exactly like me,” or maybe you stopped reading because the thought of a cold beer distracted you from reading the rest of this column. Either way, being the “bro” in the midst of sisterhood can often come with great challenges and great perks.

Rush events are great, especially when you get to host them with your favorite brothers. Sometimes not attending their kick-offs or brotherhood events because you’re hanging out with your sisters can be extremely difficult. Then there are the times when you and your sisters get dressed up and go out to the bar, but you end up shot-gunning beer on the back deck with your guys. You’re the girl who shows up to fraternity events in your favorite football jersey (which would be the winner’s of last night’s game, duh) while the rest of your sorority shows up in cute summer dresses. Your sisters can always count on you to always invite the guys over, because chances are you’re a part of their group texts.

Being the “sister-bro” definitely has its ups. Aside from having to balance your sorority life and the life you live as an “unofficial brother,” you are always in the know of the best parties. If the guys are throwing a banger, you’ll hear about it. If one of the brothers has the hots for your little, you can give him the pre-approval. Did I mention free beer? Cause that’s a big part of this title. Your sister need formal dates? You got her back! Hey, you can even give then options. You may at times feel the sting of the dreaded “friend-zone,” but crawl your way out and stand with pride because your bro’s have your back and will make sure the guy that you plan to go after is good enough for you.

So if it just so happens that you are the girl who always finds herself yelling at the game, or surrounded by rowdy males, or constantly having a hard time deciding to go shopping for crafts with the girls or to go fishing with the boys, be proud. At the end of the day you’ll have less drama and a lot more kills on “Call Of Duty.”

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A sorority girl, an Army medic, and a beer enthusiast. If it involves naps or tacos; I'm in.

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