What It’s Like To Attend Your First Exec Meeting As Explained By Jess From “New Girl”

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Congratulations! You got elected to your chapter’s executive board! We are so excited for you. Serving on exec can be an awesome experience that teaches you a lot…but at the same time, it’s not always fun. Particularly all of the meetings you will have to attend. So, in order to prepare you, here is an accurate depiction of what it’s like to attend your first executive meeting, according to Jess Day of “New Girl.”

You’re super excited to attend your first executive meeting as an officer.

First order of business: officer reports. The president asks you if you have anything to report.

Then it’s that girl who won’t shut the hell up gets a turn to speak.

Next up: a 30-minute discussion on what color the recruitment T-shirts should be.

That evolves into an hour-long conversation on recruitment dress code.

You begin to zone out so you start looking at your phone.

The president asks if you have anything to add to the conversation and you respond:

But what you really want to say is:

The president says she really wants everyone to be involved in the decision making process.

But she says it in a tone that lets you know she doesn’t really mean it.

This works for you, because:

You get a text from your bestie asking how your first meeting is going.

You tell her:

Entering hour two.

Next order of business: formal. First up, the social chair proposes an “Under the Sea” theme.

And a shot glass as the favor.

Last topic: the start time of the formal.

Oops, did you say that out loud?

Meeting (finally) adjourned. You’re outta there.

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