We’re Not Together Anymore Because I Said So And Absolutely Not Because He Stopped Texting Me Back

We're Not Together Anymore Because I Said So And Not Because He Stopped Texting Me Back

Oh, Eric? Yeah, we’re not together anymore. I know, I know, it seemed like it was going to last, but something had to give. Don’t get me wrong he was super hot and we had a really good time together. An amazing time, even. I felt like I had known him all my life even in our brief time together. I had feelings for him, but I also had a feeling that we weren’t meant to be together. Maybe it was his attitude towards his future, maybe it was the fact that he stopped texting me for days, but I needed to end it.

When it comes down to it, we’re just plain opposites. I’m an extrovert, he’s an introvert. I like cats, he likes dogs. I text him, he doesn’t text me back. It’s just an exhausting paradox. Opposites can attract, which is probably what brought us together in the first place. My constant state of neuroticism balanced out his very laidback, apathetic, borderlining on sociopathic personality. We were the yin to each other’s yang basically. It’s sweet now looking back on it, but it’s really difficult. When a couple is so different, you can grow together or you can grow apart. I just wish he would grow a pair and fucking answer my texts.

It just wasn’t fair to me. I had put my heart and soul out there, laid it on the line, only to be left on read. It’s just. It’s not that hard to answer a goddamn Snapchat, right? I wouldn’t care if he literally sent back a picture of his asshole as long as he was acknowledging my presence. How many more paragraphs of reasons to text me back do I have to send before he is reminded that I am the best thing that has ever happened to him this month?! I won’t apologize for being interested in someone and pursuing them, no matter how often they view my efforts as “completely over the top” or “harassment.” You know, sometimes you just have to follow your heart, and my heart is telling me that I need to find out the exact reason that he stopped texting me back and it better fucking be because he was scared of how much he is in love with me. Because I’m a catch and I know it. He just doesn’t yet.

I’m tired of feeling crazy because I have feelings. And I’m tired of being taken advantage of. It seems like every time I fall in love with a guy I just met, a week later he disappears. I don’t play the texting games. If I want to text him, I will. If I want to double, triple, quadruple, or even quintuple text him in a matter of minutes, I will. I refuse to sit idly by, waiting for someone to come to me. I waste no time because my time is precious. I have enough self respect to know my worth. But if you end up seeing Eric, can you ask him about me?

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