We’re Definitely Getting Some Awesome New Emojis In A Future iOS Update


Everyone has their most recently used emojis stored on the first page of their keyboard, and they usually contain hair flip girl, red wine glass, martini, and a variety of colored hearts, at the minimum. As much as we love and slightly overuse our emojis, there’s no denying that we’re severely lacking some of the images that are most important to our life. Where’s the taco? Or the white wine?

What really gets us every time is the creativity involved in describing your recent one-night stand to your group text — since there are no sexy-time emojis, we’re left describing the reveal of the previous night with either an eggplant (good news) or a paperclip (not so much).

While we’re still not getting any PG-13 rated emojis anytime soon, we ARE getting a new set of brand new emojis in a future iOS update which is expected to be released sometime in 2017. While this is a long time to wait, it just might be worth it. Unicode Technical Committee (read: the people who gave you “crying laughing face” and all of your other favorite emojis) has revealed that they’re looking at 79 new emojis to potentially add to your keyboard in a future update.

From facepalm girl to avocado toast, it goes without saying that I need all of these in my life ASAP. The full list can be found here for you to stalk at your leisure. If all goes as planned, we should soon be able to send emojis to tell our friends we’re taking a selfie, vomming at your BFF hooking up with her ex AGAIN, and toasting a good grade on a midterm. We also may be able to remove “eggplant + peach” from our most recently used emoji keyboard as well, since we’re getting a variety of new phallic-shaped objects for our sexting pleasure.

The only question is, will the guy you talk about be more of a French baguette or a chopstick?

[via Refinery29]

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