Welp, Apparently Only Psychopaths And Narcissists Stay Friends With Their Exes

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When it comes to staying friends with an ex, I’d like to think it’s not always a bad idea. Obviously you shouldn’t continue to confide in a guy who egged your car and started a rumor that you have a micropenis, but not all breakups end in disaster. There have to be some level-headed ex-boyfriends out there who are willing to maintain a friendship despite the fact that they will no longer see you naked on a regular basis. Right?

Maybe not. A new study suggests that a lot of people who feel the need to stay friends with their exes are actually narcissists and psychopaths, or at least carry some sort of “dark personality traits.” The study also found that subjects who opted to stay friends did so for “practical and sexual” reasons. Which basically tells me that whatever girls participated in this experiment were no longer emotionally invested, but couldn’t help but move on from their ex bae’s balogna pony.

As a psychology major, I want to say this is bullshit. But as a girl who once dated a dude who hacked my email account and then repeatedly attempted to bootycall me after I figured it out and dumped his sorry ass, I kind of get it.

The study also urged people to cut ties, because exes as a whole tend to be less emotionally supportive, trusting, and concerned for the other person’s happiness. To which every girl in existence says, “No shit, Sherlock.”

So there you have it. If you were waiting for one last push to delete your ex’s number (or block it altogether so you don’t get any ideas next time you’re drunk and horny), this would be it. And if the cold hard facts won’t do it for you, listen to the wise words of my mother: “Boys are like buses. Another one will come along in fifteen minutes.”

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