Weed Can Actually Cure Your Mind-Numbing Cramps


With 23 states having legalized medical marijuana, it was only a matter of time before someone decided to find another use for it. Whoopi Goldberg is that person, and she’s become our own personal savior. Along with Maya Elisabeth, owner of the cannabis company Om Edibles, the two have created a marijuana line to help soothe women’s menstrual cramps. That’s right. You no longer have to suffer for a week every month, but instead, sit back and enjoy the effects of the weed-infused products, which range from edibles, rubs, oils, and even a bath soak.

If you already light up when Aunt Flow comes around, then you’re ahead of the game. For those of us who don’t have certain contacts at the ready, this is your chance to get a little relief. Currently, the line is only being offered to California residents with a medical marijuana license but I’m hoping they’ll open it up to the public soon. A cup of weed tea sounds downright amazing when you’re doubled over in bed because World War III decided to take place in your uterus.

Until then, keep the hot pads and Advil coming.

[via People, Vanity Fair]

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