Wearing Letters to A Party: Not Classy

Wearing Letters to A Party: Not Classy

It has always come as common sense to me that, according to bylaws in all, or at least most sororities, you’re not supposed to wear letters to a party. You don’t want to give randoms the impression that all the girls in your sisterhood are drunken party sluts that are only halfway decent at beer pong, even if that is true for most of your sisters. So you dress to the nines no matter what kind of party you’re going to. Whether it’s an impromptu shotgun competition on some Sigma-something-or-other’s back porch, or a themed social at some underground nightclub, you shouldn’t stamp “I’m representing the classy, responsible ladies of ___ tonight” on your forehead.

This issue came to my attention after I ducked into an apartment belonging to a couple of trusty fraternity gentlemen during a snowstorm this past weekend. Despite the fact that it was absolutely frigid outside, I refused to fall victim to unsightly cold weather gear. Instead, I stuck to my usual cute wardrobe, adding a couple of strategically placed cuddly accessories. A knit scarf and headband, wool knee socks under my boots, etc. Imagine my surprise (and disgust) when I walked inside and saw a group of sorostitutes (letters will be omitted, because as the title says, we’re trying to be classy) dancing on a table and doing shots off each other’s half naked bodies, all while wearing their new Christmas formal t-shirts.

I don’t want to knock anyone’s sorority by saying they are not as classy as other chapters, even though these girls did happen to come from our rival house. I happen to know other chapters around the state, and they’re perfectly nice girls. I would be lying, though, if I said seeing these slams acting the way they were with letters stamped all over their bodies didn’t change my opinion of the sorority as a whole. I would be mortified if I saw any of my sisters acting this way. Okay, so maybe I have seen the majority of my sisters doing some variation of this: taking body shots, falling off of a table, or having one too many drinks and attempting a dangerously slutty new dance move on a stranger, but that’s beside the point. What is important is that there are a lot of steps toward damage control that our sisterhood takes to make sure our image stays squeaky clean:

1. Stay in the safe confines of a private party.
If you’re in a crowded club or at some house party where you don’t know the vast majority of the people, do yourself a favor and stay sober enough to compose yourself.

2. Don’t be that Facebook/Twitter/Instagram asshole.
If you see one of your sisters, or any girl that you know, doing something that she’ll probably regret once she’s in the right state of mind, sure, take a picture. Take a video even. You can make a Starbucks date in the morning to show her the evidence and laugh about how stupid she looked. But for the love of your letters, don’t put it on Facebook. You’ll inevitably get a message from someone on eboard asking to remove your post, and no one will want to party with you anymore.

3. Don’t wear your letters.
At least look like you’ve maintained some shred of control while you’re making an ass of yourself. Why are you even wearing a t-shirt to a party? Not cute. Those t-shirts are meant for wearing to class to remind all the GDI’s around you how much more fun your life is than theirs. So have a little pride in your letters, and wear them when its appropriate.

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