We Need To Talk About The Term “Daddy”


There’s a hot debate going on in America right now. Bigger than Trump vs. Hillary. Bigger than Kylie vs. Kim. Bigger than the argument over leggings as pants! You know what it is, and you believe one side. And I want to settle it once and for all. Is the term “daddy” cool to use in reference to a hot dude? Let’s examine both sides, and then you can make the final call.

In defense of the term “daddy,” I have found that the vast majority of girls I know who use the term use it with the knowledge that it really is a joke. As someone who refers to my actual father only as “dad,” sometimes “daaaaaaad” when I really need to use his credit card, “daddy” never occurs to me as creepy, because it’s something I never call my dad. There is a time and a place for using “daddy,” and there’s definitely some limitation based on who you’re around. This past formal season, my best friend and I went overboard with the term, standing on New Orleans balconies, pointing and saying “incoming daddy, 3 o’clock.” And while it was funny, we’d never let our dates hear us saying that because they’d never let us forget it. Sometimes I refer to boys as daddy around my friends who hate it just to piss them off. When I think dad, I think my dad. But when I think “daddy,” I think of David Beckham. A “daddy” doesn’t have to be someone’s father, although that does elevate him to the even higher status of DILF. And who doesn’t love a good DILF? But that hot guy in your English class who wears gray sweatpants and has perfect blue eyes can also be a ~daddy~ in his own right. But would I ever call him, or any guy for that matter, daddy to his face? No fucking way.

I get it, I really do. Referring to anyone you find attractive using a term that’s used for your dad is creepy. It just is. You can feel the discomfort of everyone in a hundred mile radius when you hear a girl call her boyfriend daddy. It just freaks everyone out because they just made it a real life sexual thing and not a joke. Sigmund Freud probably gets so lit in his grave every time he hears a sixteen year old girl who thinks she’s a “trap queen” call her boyfriend daddy. My extensive creeping on teens on Twitter studies indicate that this is the less common use of the term, and is used most by younger people. And that’s not even including girls with daddy issues. Science! Psychology! I’ll leave that study up to the nerds of the world, but it’s undeniable that there’s something about using “daddy” seriously vs. “daddy” as a joke that sketches people out pretty intensely.

I am squarely in camp “using daddy only as a joke” because I’m a depraved individual.

So what do you ladies think about the term “daddy”?

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