We Asked “What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?” And Our Snapchat Artist Made Childhood Dreams Come True

Ah, the good old days of being a kid with nothing to do except play and make messes for you parents to clean up. Wait, we still do that. Kidding, but I think most of us spent a lot of our early years day dreaming about what we would be when we grew up. The possibilities were endless. We were part of that generation where our parents told us to “reach for the stars,” and then our dreams were subsequently crushed when we found out being a cashier in a store couldn’t afford a real-life Barbie dream house. But pressing the buttons just looks so fun!

We asked everyone at TFM and TSM what they wanted to be when they grew up, because it obviously wasn’t writing about boobs or sorority life. Our talented writer/artist Lucy used her amazing Snapchat drawing skills to turn us into doctors, writers, and stay-at-home moms, among others. Check out a few below, and add us on Snapchat (totalsratmove) to see the rest.




We asked our Snapchat viewers to send in their own snaps, along with what they wanted to be when they grew up, and Lucy turned them into beautiful works of Snapchat art. Here are a few of our favorites:













We had so. many. princess. submissions. (TSM.) But also, who didn’t want to be a princess? Be sure to follow us on Snapchat (totalsratmove) to catch more hilarious snap stories like this one, and maybe even get your Snapchats featured on TSM!

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Cristina Montemayor

Cristina is a Grandex Writer and Content Manager. She was an intern for over two years before she graduated a semester early to write about college full time, which makes absolutely no sense. She regretfully considers herself a Carrie, but is first and foremost a Rory. She tends to draw strong reactions from people. They are occasionally positive. You can find her in a bar as you're bending down to tie your shoes, drinking Dos XX and drunk crying to Elton John. Email her: (not .com).

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