Watch This Cop Violently Choke Out Two Spring Breakers For Unknown Reasons

Watch This Cop Violently Choke Out Two Spring Breakers For Unknown Reasons

I’m going to be honest with you. I’m not too clear on the law. I can explain the shit out of Punnet squares to you, but my legal rights and the rights of law officials? Something I never learned. What I do know is that a lot of law-breaking usually goes down on spring break — vandalism, public intoxication, noise violations — they’re all just a part of the pie. Yes they’re illegal, but just how illegal, I’m not sure. Seems like something you get fined for, and not something you’re brutally attacked by a policeman for, but I can’t say with certainty.

But the video that just appeared on LiveLeak makes it seem like maybe it is okay for a gigantic officer of the law to tackle two wimpy spring breakers to the ground.

We first see a commotion and emerging from it a 20-foot-tall cop with his hand around some puny guy’s neck. The crowd goes wild as the cop begins to choke the guy out and violently brings him to the ground, pushing his face into the sand. When a third party (perhaps a friend) attempts to interfere, the policeman pushes him to the ground as well, and eventually has both boys face down, ass up while onlookers kick sand at the two boys. The first boy exposes a cut on his cheek while the cop’s knee is digging into his back to hold him down. The other boy taps the cop’s arm to signify — assumedly — that he is choking while the officer has him in a chokehold.

We have no information regarding who these boys are at this time, or what they were doing to provoke the officer, but from where I’m standing, this looks fucked up, or at the very least, really scary.

[via LiveLeak]

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