Watch Sigma Kappa Present A Sister With A Check To Cover Her Medical Expenses And Try Not To Cry

Watch Sigma Kappa Present A Sister With A Check To Cover Her Medical Expenses And Try Not To Cry
My favorite thing about being in a sorority was the parties. Kidding, the sisterhood. And a little bit the parties. That’s generally where the most entertaining stories come from, and I’m glad you crazy kids let me relive the glory days through your ridiculous antics on the daily. But every once in awhile, some of you do something so truly wonderful that it makes me feel things that I don’t like to feel in public (unless I’m drunk).

When Riley Brown, a Sigma Kappa at the University of Arizona first told her sorority sisters she was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma Cancer, it nearly broke them. No one should have to deal with this when they’re so young. But people do. All the time. So instead of sitting back and feeling sorry for themselves, the sisters of Sigma Kappa took action in a big way. Watch the touching moment where the girls surprise Riley with a check to cover her medical bills below.

Cool. I’m crying. But actually crying. I’m not sure which words to use that might illustrate that there are truly tears rolling down my cheeks right now, because for some reason, our generation has repurposed the words “literally” and “actually” to mean “not at all,” but I am hand-to-God crying right now. Anyway, enough about me. Sigma Kappa, you have perfectly demonstrated the true meaning of sisterhood with your kindness for your sister Riley. I look forward to her kicking cancer’s ass.

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Veronica Ruckh

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