War Hero Who Jumped On A Grenade To Save Fellow Marine Is Now A ΚΣ At South Carolina And Deserves Your Respect This Veterans Day

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Kyle Carpenter is not your average fraternity guy. Sure, he’s good looking, seemingly easy going, and judging by his Instagram photos, freaking loves short shorts. But there’s more to him than his love of party shades and American flag swim trunks — and that’s because Kyle Carpenter is an honest to God war hero, a former Marine, a true American, and an unbelievable inspiration.

In February of 2009, Kyle enlisted in the Marines at the age of 19. Following both Recruit Training in South Carolina and Infantry School in North Carolina, Carpenter deployed to Afghanistan. Tragically, in November of 2010, he found himself and a fellow Marine under Taliban attack, and in a split-second decision, threw his body on a grenade in order to save the life of his friend. Miraculously, Carpenter survived, though his bravery cost him his right eye, much of his jaw, a collapsed lung, and a body torn apart by shrapnel. It did not, however, take away his spirit or his drive.

Following an incredible rehabilitation, Carpenter went on to be the youngest (at the time) living recipient of the Medal of Honor. He is now a full time student at the University of South Carolina and a brother of Kappa Sigma. Kyle Carpenter, a true American and a true TFM.

Throwing it back with my buddy and Boston bombing survivor Marc Fucarile. #BostonStrong

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It's my birthday and all I got was these birthday boy glasses…thanks mom.

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Squad Up.

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Me and my girl Maggie

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Great meeting @MarkRuffalo and his family backstage of @Letterman today! Thanks for your time. #medalofhonor

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