Want To Get Rid Of Your Awful Roommate? There’s An App For That

How To Get Rid Of Your Roommate

I’m sure most of you who read this site regularly know this, but unless you came into college knowing who your roommate would be, odds are, you ended up hating her by the end of freshman year. For every “ROOMIE LOOOOVE <333” album on Facebook, there are countless stories of bitches just HATING each other. Pure, unadulterated hatred. Bitches throwing each other’s shit, pulling out each other’s weaves, blowing each other’s boyfriends–it’s just nasty shit.

I had a freshman roommate who did not speak a WORD of English. She was basically nocturnal, she smoked cigarettes in our room, and I’m pretty sure she ran a floating underground gambling ring out of our room, which, of course, I wasn’t invited to. She also let some blackout drunk girl into our room, who proceeded to climb into bed with me. Then she pissed all over it. Blechhhh.

Until now, there was nothing you could do about a roommate conflict other than a “mediation” with your R.A. or the residence director. Those meetings do essentially nothing. In fact, my housing office called me a racist for requesting a roommate switch. Nowadays, if you have a roommate conflict–just like everything else–there’s an app for that, thanks to a brand new tech startup called Roompact .

According to The New York Times, Roompact has developed online roommate agreements that incoming college students can use to fill out their preferences on what they want in a roommate based on their own attributes: cleanliness, property sharing, security, and other issues. Hopefully those issues include, “Bitch you better not be creeping on my man.” That’s a big one.

Roompact will periodically check up on the roommate relationship and will notify residence directors if things aren’t coming up peachy.

Today, a residence hall director who is in charge of a whole building might find out there’s a problem after a student has already been fighting with a roommate for two months,” said Matt Unger, the chief executive of Roompact. “We want to detect conflict earlier, notify folks in residential life and help with conflict resolution.

This seems like a great system, but whether or not it works is yet to be determined. The University of Hartford, located in West Hartford, Conn., plans to introduce Roompact for its incoming class this fall, which consists of about 1,200 students. Here goes nothing.

[via The New York Times]

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