Wait. Are Kylie Jenner And Tyga Engaged?


If there’s one Kardashian Jenner I honestly can’t keep up with, it’s Kylie. Girl changes her hair color and bone structure the way most people change underwear. She just turned eighteen and already she bought a house mansion, got pierced and tatted up, and quite possibly is getting married.

Check out this video Kylie posted to her Snapchat.

In the video, you can see Kylie straddling her man, Tyga, while he says, “I don’t f*ck with nobody. It’s just me, my fiancée and the lil’ dog I just got. I don’t f*ck with nobody.”

Umm… if I remember correctly Tyga was literally denying their relationship up until she turned eighteen. Which is probably because, you know, there were laws forbidding their relationship. Tyga is twenty-five and Kylie just became legal last month, but since then, they’ve been seen canoodling at different events and shows.

A photo posted by Kylie X Tyga (@officialkyga) on

A photo posted by Kylie X Tyga (@officialkyga) on

A photo posted by Kylie X Tyga (@officialkyga) on

Age difference aside, there’s no need to rush into something as serious and life-changing as marriage. Learn from your sisters’ mistakes, Ky, and take your time. Kourtney never got married, and she seems to be doing pretty well, considering she’s the least dramatic Kardashian on the show and my personal favorite.

If Kylie does get married soon, I’m putting my money on her hair being teal for the ceremony.

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