Victoria’s Secret Retouched A Photo Of An Already Super Skinny Model, So Basically There’s No Hope For The Rest Of Us

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Lingerie, as in actual lacy, expensive lingerie, is not a staple of mine. Obviously, I own at least one push-up bra for special occasions, and a few lacy thongs for nights when I have an extra glass of wine and am feeling fancy (read: horny.) That being said, while I love to flip through a Victoria’s Secret catalogue and look at pictures of models wearing things that look like they’d strangle me, I tend to steer myself more toward the bras that I can wear without needing an instruction manual.

The models might somehow manage to make lingerie look totally wearable and effortless no matter the piece, but I know a lot of those numbers probably require a hoist and four assistants before the model can get strapped in. That fact makes their ability to look gorgeous consistently, in any outfit, more impressive than I can say. The Victoria Secret models have definitely got all that under control. They look amazing in sportswear, lingerie, pajamas, and bikinis, and that in itself should pretty much qualify as an Olympic sport.

Apparently, though, their naturally flawless models just aren’t enough for Victoria’s Secret. Retouching photos is totally normal, and let’s all just admit that even in real life there are Instagram filters and Facetune to help us peasant folk look good in pictures. But in this case, a photo posted by Victoria’s Secret is coming under fire because of more than basic retouching.

The picture features models Martha Hunt and Stella Maxwell, and Martha Hunt’s arm appears to be weirdly smooth and flat, like she’s two-dimensional. What’s even more annoying about this is that Martha Hunt is ripped AF. Like, the girl is toned, and her arms are perfectly fit without being in any way bulky. Smoothing them out so you can’t even see the lines of muscle is just depressing. If Victoria’s Secret was editing me, I could totally understand the need for extreme Photoshop. But I am not a world-class model. In terms of Martha Hunt, it just doesn’t seem necessary.

vs. @dogpound @thelumagrothe

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I get it, Victoria’s Secret has a brand image to maintain. That makes sense. But if you still have to Photoshop the most beautiful people in the world, maybe it’s time to rethink that strategy a little. In the meantime, I’ll be stalking Martha Hunt’s fire Instagram, shopping for more T-shirt bras, and letting the expert models do their thing.

[via Seventeen]

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