Victoria’s Secret Is Totally Ruining The Planet

Victoria's Secret

Victoria’s Secret has made some deadly mistakes in the past year. They said farewell to their swim line (rest in peace), are axing their makeup, and are getting rid of their clothing lines as well. And frankly, people are rightfully pissed. Where are girls supposed to get their swimsuits? Their overpriced sweatpants? Their edible body icing? Not VS. But the former lingerie powerhouse has now given us yet another reason to waltz right on past their black and pink storefront.

In 2011, Greenpeace recruited many brands to participate in a “Detox My Fashion” campaign in an effort to save the planet. Seventy-six brands joined the challenge to clean up their act by 2020, including Zara, Nike, Adidas, and — you guessed it — Victoria’s Secret. Flash forward five years, and Greenpeace decided to do a little checkup on the participants, which probably induced feelings akin to your mom coming home early while you were giving a blow job. Basically, there was a lot of shit to hide and not much time to do it.

Some of the companies were actually well prepared and had shining results to show off their ecological improvements. Zara and H&M are leading the pack in their environmentally friendly commitments, well on target to reach their 2020 goals. Others companies were working at a slower pace, yet still making changes for the better. And other companies, like Victoria’s Secret, haven’t changed a single thing.

What’s worse is that the brand doesn’t even have a plan to reduce its environmental impact in the near future. The only thing that they have changed is that the public can now access information about the toxic waste that VS produces during manufacturing. While reading about the chemicals used in making my bra does seem fascinating, I think I may just skip the store altogether. If you need me, I’ll be perusing Zara and saving the planet.

[via Cosmopolitan]

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