Vera Bradley Bags Are Getting A Serious Makeover And We’re Kind Of In Love With It

Vera Bradley may be extremely functional, but that doesn’t make the products fashionable–don’t shoot me, I’m just the messenger (bag). However, Vera Bradley is coming out with a new line, which is tailored to girls in their twenties.

Vera Bradley

As much as the sorority girl nation worships paisley prints, a little leather never killed anybody (except, you know, cows). While you might be nothing without your weekender that rivals your grandma’s curtains, and you’d be lost without your Vera key holder (literally) even you can admit the bags could be a little more chic in the grand scheme of things.

VB gets it. The company will release a leather line (real and faux) in an attempt to reach its millennial shoppers. The clientele (us) realizes that Vera Bradley is a useful and necessary part of college and parenthood, but it’s not necessarily a chic part of yuppie semi-adulthood. But no need to despair, because throwing your cap in the air doesn’t mean you need to toss your prints with it.

Before you start hoarding your vintage Vera, know that the original designs are still alive and well, along with the new leather options. The quilted, leather bags will come in black, taupe, and burnt orange, and the price range will be from $98 to $298. The faux leather bags will come in the colors you’ve come to expect, like fuschia, cobalt, and green, and they’ll run you somewhere between $24 and $138. Luckily, graduation only means giving up binge drinking (sometimes) and daily Norts, not your love for Vera Bradley.

[via Racked]

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