UVA ADPi Gets Arrested for Buying Sparkling Water

Well, ladies and gentleman, it looks as if Officer Todd Storm has found permanent employment in Virginia.

Back in April, 20-year-old Elizabeth Daly, an Alpha Delta Pi at UVA, was ambushed by undercover alcoholic beverage control officers after leaving a grocery store with a 12-pack of sparkling water, cookie dough, and a carton of ice cream. Apparently, the astute police officers mistook the La Croix sparkling water for a case of beer, a common mistake for anyone who is legally blind or just an idiot. I’m guessing the officers are more in the camp of the latter than the former.

The night started out much like any other late-night trip to the grocery store taken by every sorority girl in America: Daly ran into the grocery store to pick up some basic provisions while her sister waited in the passenger’s seat of her SUV. As she was leaving the store, she was approached by officers showing “unidentifiable badges” who were “not in anything close to a uniform.”

As any girl with common sense would have done, she and her roommates quickly made their way into her car. I’m sorry, but if some creepy guys were approaching me in a parking lot, I would do the same thing, especially if I wasn’t doing anything wrong. It would have been different if Daly had actually purchased the alcohol the “officers” thought she had, but because she had done nothing wrong, it only makes sense she and her roommates tried to run from the police who looked more like attackers.

Once she got in the car, one officer jumped onto the hood of her vehicle and the other pulled a gun on her. You know, a totally reasonable reaction when a sorority girl buys cookie dough. The officers began pounding on the windows and yelling not to start the car. However, in order to roll down her windows, Elizabeth had to start her car. After she did so, the officers were trying to break the windows, so she and her roommates drove off, terrified.

As she drove off, Elizabeth grazed two police officers with her SUV. While heading back home, she called 911 to report being attacked, and to question whether or not she had really juts encountered police officers. While she was driving home, she got pulled over by another set of ABC agents, and was then arrested and charged with three felonies — two counts of assaulting a police officer and one count of eluding police. Together, these fines could be up to $2,500. She also spent the night in jail.

Okay, what the fuck?

Not only was Elizabeth afraid after being approached by officers who were out of uniform and failed to present any type of identifiable badge, but she was on edge after just attending a “Take Back the Night” rally. OF COURSE she was flipping the fuck out. That’s everyone’s worst nightmare, especially after just witnessing thousands of screaming women angry at their male abusers.

Undercover cops are absolutely horrible, and overzealous undercover cops are the worst variety of the scum of the Earth. It would have been scary already if she had really bought beer, but it was even more terrifying because she did nothing wrong. I would’ve driven off too if some psycho pulled a gun on me and jumped on the hood of my car when my only crime was purchasing sweets with a high caloric value.

Needless to say, the DA has decided not to prosecute this case, because you know, the charges are complete bullshit. If I were Elizabeth, I would sue the fuck out of the Charlottesville PD for being idiots.

“Hey, remember that time you pulled a gun on me for buying water?”

…good going, douchebags.

[via Yahoo and Gawker]

Image via Beer Street Journal


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