UT Students Are Hanging Dildos From Their Backpacks In Protest To Gun Laws, Or Something

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On August 1, a law was passed making it legal for Texas residents to carry concealed firearms into public university campus buildings. This didn’t sit right with a lot of college students, who must’ve briefly forgotten that they go to school in Texas. Not that I’m hating — in all honesty, I can’t decide how comfortable I would be knowing that the kid next to me was carrying a gun, without knowing his reliability and intentions. But I guess that’s the point of a concealed carry; it’s concealed.

You know what’s not concealed? A shitload of dildos, to be hung from the backpacks of those who oppose the law on the first day of classes. Alum Jessica Jin started the movement on Facebook, calling the campaign “Cocks Not Glocks.” After other protestors had exhausted all other forms of resistance including petitions, testimonies, and letters signed by campus faculty, Jin decided that the next logical step was to return to campus and help distribute 4,000 dildos to undergrads. Obviously.

Jin says that the demonstration “offers a visual representation of what it would look like if the gun lobby really got what it wanted, which is the complete normalization of gun culture.” She also notes that our American culture continues the “normalizing of gun culture, while shutting down sex culture, which is pretty harmless and happy.” It’s a pretty interesting stance, and I don’t know if I’ve ever seen anyone incorporate sexual liberation while protesting gun laws.

Whether or not you support either cause, it’ll be interesting to see how many students end up sporting enormous silicone dicks on the backpacks. The Facebook event along has over 10,000 attending. When confronted with an opinionated argument, my mother always put the matter to rest by saying, “The beautiful thing is that we live in a country where you can believe what you believe, and I can believe what I believe.” I think it’s beautiful thing that we can live in a country that allows gun owners and dildo enthusiasts alike to sport whatever they want in their bags. God bless America.

[via The Observer]

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