UT Student Seeks To Sublet A House “Possibly Haunted” By The Ghosts Of Frat Boys

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I was recently searching for a summer sublease when I came across the funniest ad I’ve ever seen on Craigslist. This is really saying something, considering that last month, we stumbled upon a deranged bride who legitimately hoped to rent six corgis for her bridesmaids to hold like bouquets during her wedding.

The ad in question presented a relatively normal college house: old and slightly decrepit with low rent and a crushed red Solo cup on the front lawn. Nothing strange there. Upon further inspection, I noticed the title of the ad read “1 Bedroom / House / West Campus / Pool / Possibly Haunted.”

Did you catch that last part? “Possibly Haunted.”

But wait, it gets even better. The “possibly haunted” house was supposedly infiltrated by a group of fraternity brothers who “had such a good time that they decided to stay. Forever.” If you listen carefully on a quiet Friday or Saturday night, apparently “you can hear the telltale sounds of binge drinking.” Don’t let me give away the whole ad, though. Strap on an adult diaper and look for yourself.

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These guys are probably trolls, seeking an equally degenerate roommate with a similar sense of humor. Either way, I’m moving in and throwing a kegger. I refuse to pass up on a chance to party with the ghosts of frat stars past.

Image via Craigslist

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