USF’s Kappa Sigma Brings Back Its Stripping Philanthropy With Epic Teaser Video

Kappa Sigma

A year ago, our lives were changed. Everything was changed. Since the dawn of time (AKA the dawn of social Greek organizations, but same thing really) we have had to take part in philanthropies. This usually meant hosting some sort of dinner, having a 5k race, or putting on a dance competition where pledges half-heartedly twerked as we watched their souls slowly leave their bodies.

But this time, last year Kappa Sigma from the University of South Florida changed that.

They decided to mix charity work with a sexually-charged performance. Philanthropy with pelvic thrusting. To lay it out for you: they basically raised money by stripping. And for that, we are so very, very grateful. In case you missed it last year, here’s a peek at what we were working with.


Yeah. YEAH. Pretty much nothing like the lame pasta dinner we hold in our chapter rooms. This “Bachelor Auction” last year raised $2,740 which went to The Fisher House, a charity that aids wounded veterans and their families in recovering as they come home from war. The bachelors were auctioned off with casual, low key dates such as skydiving and massages. And in order to get people to bid, the guys took off their clothes. Because sometimes, philanthropy really is sexy. Thank God.

And so, as this year’s auction is approaching, the chapter reached out to us to help spread the word.

We would like to invite all girls and especially the lovely ladies of TSM to attend this years Kappa Sigma Bachelor Auction @ The University of South Florida. All proceeds from this event will be donated to the Fisher House Military Heros Campaign. This year promises to be better than ever, as we have created a week of events including a Kappa Sigma Puppy Run, and concluding with our Bachelor Auction.

They had me at “puppy run.” But to further convince us, they have provided a teaser for this year’s event. And honestly? It looks like something none of us should miss.


If you’re in the Tampa area, or if Kappa Sig wants to fly us all down there, be sure to hit up the date auction. It’s scheduled for March 3rd, and who knows? Maybe your husband is up there, taking off his shirt and just waiting for you to bid on him. It’s happened before. And if Hollywood gave me one unrealistic expectation that I want to actually happen, it’s that a hot guy stripping on a stage will fall in love with me.

Just give me that, okay?

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