USF Kappa Sig Wins At Philanthropy, Giving Away A Free Trip To Florida

Kappa Sig

In case you haven’t heard about the University of South Florida Kappa Sigma’s epic philanthropy, let me catch you up real quick.

• They’re all pretty fucking hot.
• Their philanthropy event, a bachelor auction, has the guys literally stripping down to raise money.
• Money for The Fisher House, a charity that aids wounded veterans and their families in recovering as they come home from war.
• They auction off bomb ass dates like massages and sky diving.
• It’s basically the best thing to ever happen to college charity work.

Here’s a video, because honestly? We just want to watch it again (and again, and again, and again).


I know. But wipe off the drool from your mouth, because it just got better. At the end of my previous piece about this event, I said, “If you’re in the Tampa area, or if Kappa Sig wants to fly us all down there, be sure to hit up the date auction.” It was totally a joke and in no way meant to be taken literally.

But then, Kappa Sig member Nick Nasseby wrote up this message and sent it my way, and life as I knew it had changed.

A long time ago, we had a brainstorming meeting. Me, Joe, and Will. We said, “What if, instead of stores giving us money for our philanthropy, we just got store credit, and we help them advertise.” We frequently had these pow-wows, and eventually it spiraled into one. Simple. Thought: “Bachelor Auction.”

We wanted people to know who we were, but most essentially, we wanted people to know what we do for our veterans, and we couldn’t be more blessed to have an upstanding, bonafide powerhouse like Total Sorority Move appreciating our efforts. As a token of our gratitude, we will be holding a social media competition. Yesterday, you said, “…if Kappa Sig wants to fly us all down there…” This got us thinking, “what if we actually did that?” See what I’m getting at?

Whoever gets the most likes on our Facebook event page get two free round trip tickets to Tampa from anywhere in the United States (probably not Alaska, let’s not be crazy) and a hotel stay at the Hyatt. They have to click that they’re going, and then post a photo saying #ksbachelor on the event page with the friend that they’re bringing. Thank you for your time.

That’s right. Thanks to my sarcastic little comment (you’re welcome), two lucky ladies will get a free flight to Florida, plus hotel stay, all paid for by these gents. Considering that this event is taking place March 3rd (next week), just think of it as a #wanderlust, spur of the moment, pre-spring break trip. Get your best selfie ready, because your future husband might be in Tampa, just waiting to strip onstage and steal your heart.

To enter the contest, click here.

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