USC Student Posts Racial Slur On Social Media — Proves Non-Greeks Are Awful People Too

USC Student Posts Racial Slur On Social Media -- Proves Non-Greeks Are Awful People Too

You know what I always assumed would suck about going to USC? The mascot. “Cock” is probably my least favorite word for penis, and if you somehow possess the mental maturity to ignore the fact that cock, to most people, references male genatalia, then your mascot is a fucking chicken. I really have no room to talk, because as an alumna of The University of Delaware, my mascot was also a fucking chicken, but at least it wasn’t a pornographic chicken.

But to one unnamed female student, USC blows because of the Wifi. And the Wifi blows because of black people, whom she so disgustingly referred to as the N-word. In a photo circulating the interwebz, we see a young girl writing the following on a white board:

Reasons Why USC Wifi Blows
Incompetent professors
Overpopulated Campus

The photo appears to be taken with Snapchat and was uploaded to social media. Nobody freak out, though. The girl has not been publicly identified as belonging to a sorority, which is why the media shit storm hasn’t happened. Racism in college is only bad when it’s at the hands of Greeks, haven’t you heard? It’s really sad, because by attacking Greeks, we’re failing to attack the problem. Racism, apparently, still exists in a world — in a generation — that most of us thought were above it.

The USC student was suspended, and after further investigation may face expulsion.

[via WYFF4]

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