Urban Decay And Disney Are Collaborating On An Alice In Wonderland Makeup Collection And It’s Going To Be Out Of This World

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“Alice In Wonderland” has always simultaneously captivated me and scared me out of my mind. I mean, the book is more whimsical than anything else really, but the movie?! I could barely watch it as a child. Falling forever into a place where things make no sense, and having to leave my kitten behind, remains one of my greatest fears. So when my girlfriend saw the trailer for the new remake of the movie by Disney, “Alice Through The Looking Glass,” and begged me to go the night it comes out, I was hesitant. But, since it was Disney and, despite my mild childhood traumatization I still adore Disney, I was pretty game. But now the entire endeavor has been taken a step further and I think we can all prepare to tumble down the rabbit hole, so to speak, in Disney’s newest collaboration.

UD is going back down the rabbit hole! #UDinwonderland

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My life (and yours) just got a little better because everyone’s favorite palette-creator, Urban Decay, has announced a collaboration with Disney in creating a brand new, “Alice Through The Looking Glass”-themed collection. AND it’s also rumored to not only an eyeshadow palette but also lip products, in case you’re one of the many dying for one of Kyle Jenner’s sold-out lip kits. Urban Decay is famous for incredible collaborations, but this one just might take the cake. There are very few details out there right now about the project, but I’m looking forward to some serious costume potential for the movie premiere, complete with a full-on Alice makeup job. Forget my childhood fears—I’m grinning like the Cheshire cat right now.

[via refinery29, Cosmopolitan]

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