Unprotected Sex Gives You Diarrhea


By now, we are all familiar with the things that unprotected sex can give us: a whole bunch of STDs, a baby, regret. And now here’s another thing to add to the list — the runs.

According to Women’s Health, we have yet another excuse to make him wrap it, or pull the “I have a headache” card. Teresa Hoffman, M.D., an obstetrician and gynecologist says,

Prostaglandins [a chemical compound found in semen] cause smooth muscles, like those in your uterus and intestines, to contract, and when your intestines contract too quickly, you can get diarrhea. So if you have unprotected sex, some of his pesky little prostaglandins are absorbed through your vagina and venture to you your colon (conveniently located right behind your uterus) and cause the runs.

Sounds lovely, doesn’t it?

In other news that makes it so awesome to be a girl, Hoffman solves another medical mystery for us — why we sometimes get diarrhea prior to our periods. According to the article, “We actually produce prostaglandins during our menstrual cycle, which is why you may notice that you have diarrhea before you get your period. In fact, getting it on in the days before your period might mix your prostaglandins with his—which could make those poop symptoms much worse.”

Oh, fantastic. Is there any good news here? Well, some for your man-friend. Because of course that’s how that works. Apparently, giving into his incessant pleas for a blow job is a good way to avoid the shits. Your stomach acid actually breaks down prostaglandins quite well, meaning the poop problem is much less likely to occur when semen enters your system this way.

If BJs aren’t your thing, it would seem that the smart thing to do to avoid the poops is to make your dude wear a condom. Of course, you were probably doing that already to avoid an STD or (shudder) a baby, but another reason can’t hurt, right?

[via Women’s Health]

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