University Prep On Lockdown After Real Life “Mean Girls” Fight Breaks Out


There have been times in my life where I’ve really wanted to punch another girl in the face. I won’t deny it. But, like the lady I am, I mostly stuck to getting drunk and talking shit about her to my friends like a normal person and avoiding the part where I beat her face in.

Thirty girls at University Prep, however, felt that violence was the answer this morning when a massive fight broke out in the hallway. According to CBS Pittsburgh, police were called to the scene around 10 a.m. this morning to break up a fight of screaming, kicking, and punching girls. The fight, apparently, began with two girls arguing over a boy.

Come on, ladies.

There are many perfectly valid reasons to punch another girl in the face. There really are. But boy issues are not one. Chances are it’s him who deserves a punch to the face, so save your rage for that loser and quit whaling on your friend who probably deserves it less, if at all. You’re making us look bad. I have a low key desire to recreate the fight scene from “Mean Girls” as much as every other girl does, but if you’re going to stage an all-out girl on girl war, it should be over a Burn Book at the very least. Not some guy.

Although I will say that the fact that a large police presence was needed to restore order was sort of badass. I can appreciate that level of commitment. Ladies shouldn’t start fights, but if we do, we sure as hell know how to finish them. That’s the saying, right?

[via CBS Pittsburgh]

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