University of Texas Students To Play Campus-Wide “Catch An Illegal Immigrant” Game

For the second time this semester, the Young Conservatives of Texas at UT are stirring up trouble, campus-wide. About two months ago, the group put on a super public, super controversial, super hilarious “Affirmative Action Bake Sale” on the University of Texas’ campus. In an effort to shed light on what they believe to be an unfair advantage affirmative action gives to minorities when it comes to admissions, they held a bake sale, charging different minorities different lower prices. White males were charged $2.00, Asians $1.50, Latinos $1.00, African Americans $.75, Native Americans $.25. All women were offered $.25 off. They were able to illustrate their point, that affirmative action is still discriminatory — anything done on the basis of race is discriminatory.

YCT is at it again, this time with a little game called “Catch The Illegal Immigrant.” Student members of YCT will be walking around campus this Wednesday doting signs that read “Illegal Immigrant.” When UT students “catch” them and return them to YCT’s booth at UT’s West Mall, they are given a $25 gift card. From the event’s Facebook page:

YCT will be having a “Catch an Illegal Immigrant” event this upcoming Wednesday. The details of the game goes as follows:

There will be several people walking around the UT campus with the label “illegal immigrant” on their clothing. Any UT student who catches one of these “illegal immigrants” and brings them back to our table will receive a $25 gift card.

The purpose of this event is to spark a campus-wide discussion about the issue of illegal immigration, and how it affects our everyday lives.

And spark a conversation it has. People are freaking out about what they feel is a racially insensitive campus-wide event. When a freshman flashes her tits at a house party, is it really insensitive, or is it purposely provocative in order to get people to pay attention? I’d say the same question applies here. Of course, it’s up to you to decide.

On the event’s Facebook page, outraged students are threatening Lorenzo Garcia, YCT’s president, with expulsion. Hold the phone, though. Freedom of speech, or no? I don’t know where the first amendment ends and discrimination begins, but it seems the lines are being endlessly blurred.

Regardless of whether or not people like YCT’s event, it’s already accomplishing what it was set out to do: shed light on a serious issue in our country and facilitate discussion. And hey, no one’s blaming Greeks for it, which is always a nice change of pace.

[via LoneStar Project]

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