University Of Michigan Delta Phi Epsilon Surprises House Mom With Super Bowl Tickets

University Of Michigan Delta Phi Epsilon Surprises House Mom With Super Bowl Tickets

If your sorority house is your home away from home, then your sorority house mom is your momma away from momma. We’re at the age where we start to realize just how nurturing, selfless, and loving (albeit crazy) our mothers are. We’ve also started to realize how we’ve even taken them for granted. Every one in 50 or so times, most of us will try and give back. It’s like, “Hey Mom. This manicure? It’s on me. Oh shit, you wanted a pedicure too….okay, what if I just buy you Panera?”

House moms, however, tend to get the short end of the stick. What do they get for listening to the drama that goes on between drunk girls, fighting over nothing, year after year? If you’re house mom Mary Beth Teed of Delta Phi Epsilon at the University of Michigan, apparently you get tickets to the Super Bowl.

As an expression of their gratitude for stocking the house with Cheez-Its, and providing hugs, love, and advice, the sisters of DPhiE wanted to do something that would be meaningful for their house mom. Teed is a huge football fan. Every year, she goes to the Super Bowl to tailgate, just to be a part of it. But before this year, she’d never actually seen the Super Bowl live. This year, because her house girls pooled their money for a ticket, she did. Personally, I would have preferred a new Louis, but that’s just me.

Teed sent the girls photos throughout the day, and reportedly had “the time of her life.” After watching her nearly moved to tears by the girls’ generosity, I believe it. Pro tip, ladies: use this opportunity to sneak booze and boys upstairs–the consequences will be at an all-time low.

[via Michigan Daily]

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