University Of Florida Sued Over Gun Control In Dorms

College dorms suck. Even if you live in one of the nice dorms, they suck. The place you sleep is the place you eat is the place you do homework is the place you watch TV is the place you get ready is the place you pregame is the place you sleep. It’s miserable. In addition to the inescapability of your environment, there are rules. You can’t bring your own bed, or alcohol, or candles, or illegal drugs, or toaster ovens, or guns. It’s like they don’t care about your rights as an American at all. This is a school after all, not a prison. In high school, you were allowed to have those things! Okay, so maybe you weren’t. But you’re an adult now. And if you want to have a toaster oven, if you want your dorm to be rich with the scent of your pumpkin pie candle, if you want to have a gun, then by God, you should be able to — at least that’s what Florida Carry Inc thinks.

The University of Florida is being sued by Florida Carry on what they believe to be a violation of students’ second amendment rights, as they believe the dorms to be considered homes. From The Huffington Post:

“For years universities and police departments have been arguing that dorms are special for Fourth Amendment and every time they’ve raised that argument it’s been rejected,” said Eric Friday, lead counsel for Florida Carry. “I have a hard time seeing why the Second Amendment is different.”

This suit comes after one filed by Florida Carry against the University of Northern Florida to allow students to conceal guns in their vehicles, making way for a new legislation by which UF has since abided. The university, however, has been “dismissive” of Florida Carry’s most recent request, so the case, Florida Carry Inc v University of Florida, 8th Judicial Circuit of Florida will be heard soon.

Now, hopefully someone over at Yankee Candle will follow Florida Carry’s lead, and we’ll be in business.

[via The Huffington Post]

Image via Florida Carry


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