University Of Florida Kappa Delta Is A Real Life Ninja

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Micayla Johnson is a certified badass. This second-degree black belt and champion of the 2013 American Karate Association Grand Nationals martial arts competition also happens to be a gorgeous Kappa Delta at the University of Florida. When she competed in the 2014 Miss UF pageant, she showed off her impressive karate skills, winning both the talent and the evening gown portions of a competition. She’s basically Sandra Bullock in “Miss Congeniality,” but with a better attitude. You’d think a girl with that much going for her would be full of herself–hell, I get a big head when more than five people favorite one of my tweets. But in our conversations, she was gracious, funny, and sweet. Her sisters sent us the video of her competing in the AKA Championship with a message about how incredibly nice, cool, and fun she is. I’d definitely feel safer going out with her, too.

When did you begin doing Martial Arts? Why?

I began doing martial arts when I was seven years old. I was very active as a kid and loved to play sports, when I found out my best friend started karate classes I begged my parents to let me start, they were all for it because they thought it would wear me out so I wouldn’t be bouncing off the walls when I came home. It wasn’t too long after that when I literally fell in love with the sport and spent every second I could at the karate school.

Why did you decided to go through sorority recruitment?

I decided to go through sorority recruitment because all my older friends who rushed ended up loving it. I felt like if I didn’t rush I would be missing out on an amazing opportunity and the chance to connect with and reach girls who are just like me. I knew it would be intimidating but I had a strong feeling that it would be beneficial in the long run.

How does your chapter support you in your various endeavors?

Kappa Delta is extremely supportive. They have supported me in the Miss University of Florida Pageant by sponsoring me. Not only did they financially support me but during the pageant I could barely hear the emcee because they were screaming and cheering so loud when I came on stage! During my karate routine for the talent portion I tried to keep a fierce face because that’s how you have to look in competition, but when I heard all of my sisters cheering for me during the whole routine, I couldn’t help but smile the entire time.

How do you balance your other activities with sorority life?

I’ve always been good with time management but coming to college made that a lot harder than ever before. Getting acclimated to the college lifestyle and the Greek system with all of the activities that come with it has made it really tough to find time for training, especially being a pre-nursing major. Once I got used to the scheduling I made sure that Doulos (the Greek Christian ministry), school, Kappa Delta, and training were my main priorities and everything on top of that was just a bonus. Things get a little hectic sometimes but having all my sisters constantly being by my side and supporting me makes every single day enjoyable.

Sororities have some pretty bad stereotypes. Do you feel like you’re challenging those negative images?

I feel like I do challenge those negative stereotypes because being a sister in Kappa Delta has showed me that there is more to a sorority than the stereotypical partying image. We’re built on Christian values that remind us of our purpose everyday, to reach out and serve the people around us. I have been able to find good community, and have gotten close with many girls in my chapter who lift me up, look out for me, and support my views and morals.

Millions of young women read TSM everyday. Is there anything you’d like to say to our readers?

Being in a sorority makes you a part of something much bigger than yourself. Remember to always represent your chapter in the best way possible and be a light to not only your sisters but to everyone on your campus.

Micayla is a shining example of a (literally) kickass sorority woman who does it all, and does it well.

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