University Of Colorado Administrator Runs Sex Website And Phone Line From Her Office

Woo! Hot for teacher! Or university administrator slash grandmother. Whatever. Same thing.

The University of Colorado at Denver’s cultural diversity coordinator, Resa Cooper-Morning, 54, is in hot water — now on paid administration leave — for running a sexy website on the side. The site,, appears to have been deleted, and it’s a damn shame. On it, we see a middle-aged woman beckoning people to “kiss her brown thighs,” promising to rock every part of your body, and licking whipped cream off her finger. Homegirl is a GILF fo’ sho’. Other services provided are homemade, low-budget, porn-like videos (for members only), and access to her phone line, which you can call for a racy time for just $1.49 (is that “just” misplaced? I haven’t brought my services to the cell phone towers yet, so I’m not sure of the going rate).

Naturally, this has become something of a scandal at Colorado. It’s always such a pain in the ass to be trolling the internet for some good grandma porn and come across school officials, but what’s WORSE is that her “hours” are conveniently the same hours she’s working for the school: 7am – 3pm weekdays. Yikes.

From The Huffington Post:

“She does it while she is working at CU Denver. … She takes them very discreetly, shuts her door takes phone sex calls on CU of Denver’s pay,” Blair Cooper, the administrator’s daughter-in-law, told KCNC.

Some people are freaking out because an administrator is doing softcore porn on the side. Some people are freaking out because she’s doing it on taxpayers’ dollars. My biggest concern? People are still calling sex hotlines? What the fuck? I literally thought that Anne Hathaway in Valentine’s Day and horny girls who “Are 18” were the only people in the world who were just looking to talk. Sheesh.

The university is presently investigating.

There is some footage from her site, and I highly suggest watching it. I really wouldn’t lead you astray on this one. Trust me when I tell you that Resa managed to make an incredibly risqué and should-be erotic situation hilarious.

[via Huffington Post]


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