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University Of California’s Delta Chi Throws Racially Insensitive Quincenera Party — ASUC Responds With Bill Condemning Such Themes

Another day, another culturally insensitive themed party.

Delta Chi, of the University of California, hosted a “quincenera” themed party this weekend, and people are not pleased. Partygoers were dressed as “cholas,” and many were wearing sombreros and mustaches. The Latino community was naturally deeply offended by the fraternity’s insensitivity, because Mexicans don’t have mustaches by age 15. Just kidding, they do. (I can say that, because Italians are off-white, and my brother started shaving his face in, like, the 7th grade, so I feel solidarity here).

It feels like we’ve done this dance before. It’s almost like this isn’t the first time that Greeks have been in hot water for racial insensitivity. To be honest, it hardly even feels like it’s ground-breaking or interesting news, anymore, but it seems like no matter how many times this happens, students are just not getting the hint: people will become offended by pretty much anything you do.

Like many fraternity presidents before him, Delta Chi President Cody Kermanian explained that his chapter had no intention of being heartless assholes. They were just a group of guys, trying to have some fun. Mexican members of their fraternity were actually the ones who suggested the party!

“A lot of the rhetoric in the bill assumes what our thoughts were without even talking to us about it,” Kermanian said. “The intention was never to marginalize, and it never has been nor will be.”

Like those who came before him, it did him no good. The administration and the “targeted” group see the fraternity as evil and are currently taking action. The Associated Students of the University of California (ASUC) have written up a bill, SB16, to “condemn culturally appropriated theme parties.” Delta Chi is to issue an apology to the Latino community for “appropriating its cultural traditions and reproducing cultural stereotypes for entertainment purposes,” and Greeks, just Greeks, are to partake in a racial sensitivity curriculum. Because, of course, ONLY Greeks were going to be attending the party. No other groups on campus need to partake in that program, because they’re already super sensitive when it comes to race, clearly.

Whether or not the party was insensitive is not my main concern. Per tipster, FrocketRider, the Greek community is more upset about the way the bill has been written, and how Greeks are being targeted by it, while it neglects to address non-affiliated students’ cultural insensitivity. A Greek ASUC Senator writes:

I am upset that this bill was written WITHOUT consulting anyone from our community, and thus lacks even a general understanding of the Greek system and how we function. It also completely generalizes an entire community of over 2,500 students, claiming that any affiliated individual lacks cultural awareness.

Aren’t the Greeks being punished for supposedly generalizing a group of people? Irony is so much less fun when it’s infuriating.

The meeting to discuss the bill is set to take place tonight.

[via Daily Cal]


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