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Universities Lose Connectivity Due To iOS7 Update; Students Rejoice

What’s that? Network failures at school mean you can’t get your work done? Oh well. Looks like you’ll just have to get an early headstart on Wasted Wednesday.

As I’m sure many of you are aware, today marks the release date of Apple’s new operating software. This operating system has been met with huge amounts of anticipation due to the complete redesign of the home screen and a ton of new features, including a live photo filter, iTunes radio, and the long-awaited call-blocking feature. However, there’s just one teeny little problem. This thing takes fucking FOREVER to download. Apple officially released the software at 12pm CST, and most users are still working on downloading this new iOS.

Yes, we live in 2013, but no, you still can’t download the new Apple operating software using your carrier’s data plan. You must be connected to a wireless network. As you can imagine, this is causing huge problems at universities everywhere with thousands of students all trying to simultaneously get their hands on the newest software with their already-shitty university Wi-Fi connections. New York University, Michigan University, and Western Connecticut State University have all reported having problems with Wi-Fi connectivity thanks to iOS7. Ohio University is begging their students to wait until after classes release to download the software. Naturally, I’m assuming that means they all began downloading the software instantly to avoid getting out of any kind of work.

Apple users are pissed, because this new operating software takes approximately 12 days, 7289452190 hours, and the blood of your firstborn child to download. Android, HTC, Blackberry, Nokia, and piece-of-shit-brick-phone users are pissed that they’ve had to listen to Apple users whine about delays. If you’re looking for a bright side today, well, here it is. Presentations tomorrow? Research papers due tonight? Online class? Not anymore. Skip out on that shit and go have a cold one on me. Chalk it up to network failure and blame it on iOS7. You kids have fun now.

[via 9-5 Mac]


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