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Union College Sigma Delta Tau Investigated After Alumna Shares Hazing Secrets

Usually when you hear about a chapter being investigated for hazing, you assume its the actives’ fault. Generally, somebody tells someone something they shouldn’t have. Maybe they were dumb enough to post something on social media. Regardless, information gets out, people are shocked, and the chapter will probably get fucked over. In these situations, the only people who can save a chapter are the alumni. Maybe they can pull some strings.

It happens all the time. A chapter gets busted for hazing, then the alumni board makes a very generous donation to the school, and everything disappears. No harm, no foul. It’s the American way. What you don’t hear about too often is alumni getting their own chapter in trouble for hazing. Well, this actually happened.

Tess Koman, a member of Sigma Delta Tau at Union College, graduated in 2013. After getting her diploma, she probably thought the chances of her actions fucking over her chapter were pretty slim. She was wrong. See,Tess wrote an article in Cosmopolitan magazine in which she stated she was proud of the fact that she was hazed as a pledge. The stuff she wrote definitely isn’t the kind of stuff you’d want your school or your national headquarters to see.

In hindsight, I realize there was a lot of crying. I cried when I didn’t know where Sister Jen was when I was asked in front of everyone on the spot. I cried when I had to share one toilet with 42 other girls in the basement of the house when we weren’t allowed to leave. I cried when I was told I wasn’t nearly as cute as I thought I was. We were soon all given pledge names. These were meant to be either condescending or reflective of something we had done on campus. Some of them were just ridiculous and the whole point was to torment yourself wondering why you were called that in the first place. I even cried for no good reason when I found out Kate White was my pledge name.

Obviously, upon seeing this, the school administration and Sigma Delta Tau HQ were pretty pissed. I can’t imagine why. What’s wrong with someone saying she “adored bossing around the incoming pledges” in a magazine read by people all over the world? You think they’d be happy with the publicity.

Unfortunately for Ms. Koman and her chapter, they were not happy at all. In fact, the national director of Sigma Delta Tau plans to investigate hazing claims as a result of the information in the article. Of course, the school is more than happy to cooperate with headquarters during the investigation. They can’t let this shit happen right under their noses and not do anything about it. Besides, it’s not like it’s going to be hard. I mean, the evidence is right there. It’s literally in print.

Hopefully, the Sigma Delta Tau chapter doesn’t get in trouble. Regardless of what happens, I think it’s fair to assume that Tess Koman won’t be getting Alumna of the Year anytime soon.

[via Huffington Post]


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