Unidentified Fraternity Caught Singing Dirty Serenade To ADPi

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Sometimes I feel like there could easily be a daily column entitled “Frat Guys Doing Stupid Stuff And People Totally Freaking Out About It.” Whether they’ve gone too hard on a Tuesday or played dizzy bat one too many times, it would seem that frat guys enjoy doing really dumb stuff…in public…where people can take video of it. And then said-people get all indignant and there is a subsequent news story about it.

Today’s edition comes to us from Ohio University, where a group of young men – unidentified, but who we can presume to be fraternity pledges because who the hell else does this? – were taped singing a “sexually explicit song” in front of the Alpha Delta Pi sorority house.

Olivia Hitchcock, who also just happens to be the student newspaper’s copy chief, happened upon the charming scene as she walked home. She took video and posted it to Twitter, and later posted a column about what she witnessed in the The Post.

The group of men were heard singing, “Send nudes, don’t let me down. Take my soft dick and make it harder,” to the tune of “Hey Jude,” by The Beatles.

When ADPi was asked to comment, all they had to say was “this video was taken out of context.”

Serenades have been a part of fraternity and sorority life forever. Sometimes the songs are lovely, and sometimes they are downright dirty, but at the end of the day, no one is really getting hurt. I guarantee not one of these girls gleefully hurried off to their room to take and send nudes, just because a bunch of pledges told her too. Give these sorority women a little more credit. More likely, the girls just rolled their eyes at the song, like we all should be doing.

[via The Post Athens]

Image via The Post Athens

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