UNC’s Pi Lambda Phi Pledges Arrested On Charges Of Larceny And Brute Strength

In this week’s episode of “Pledges Suck at Being Pledges,” we take a look at five young men who fuck up big time, because, well, they’re pledges. This past October, five Pi Lambda Phi pledges at the University of North Carolina were arrested with misdemeanors of both larceny and vandalism and they are not happy about it. What a shocker, pledges aren’t happy with their treatment.

The UNC Department of Public Safety Records states the incident includes $407 worth of household goods stolen from the UNC Student Union and $3,133.20 worth of damage to paper towel dispensers and a toilet paper dispenser. Over 3K? How strong were these pledges? These kids should be put on all the intramural A-teams.

It seems that the pledges are not taking this as a simple pledge activity gone wrong. One of the pledges is speaking out anonymously and wants some of the blame to lie on the fraternity, stating, “They led us to believe that this was necessary for us to be initiated in the fraternity.” Now, I don’t know how the pledge masters at UNC are running things, but if you’re a pledge, everything that an active member asks of you is necessary. Clean my shoes, bring me beer, be a wing-man and take the uggo – all necessities.

There is still one shining star in this group of ruffians. David DeGenova told The Daily Tar Heel, “Although we [brought] it all back [and] apologized, I don’t think DPS could write it off as a ‘fraternity prank’ or other frats would not learn a lesson.” He later goes on to say, “I am hoping to continue the initiation process depending on the penalties the frat incurs.” ‘Atta boy, Dave, putting the university in its place and sticking through the tough stuff to make it to the Holy Land that is active membership. Lots of respect him for toughing it out. Somebody get this kid a beer and a slam.

The chapter’s president, Robert Harrison, is stepping up as well to show support for the pledges by telling the DTH, “Pi Lambda Phi has been and will continue to be fully cooperative with the ongoing University investigation into our organization,” and “We will continue to support our new members moving forward in this process.” Way to go, Prez. Show support for these knuckleheads, use it as leverage, and use it to get the bathrooms in the house cleaned.

While the chapter is still under investigation, DPS Spokesman Randy Young has spoken out and said that any potential hazing charges would not be under the DPS’s control. Fields Pierce, the UNC IFC’s Greek Judicial Board incoming chairman, however, said they will most likely be investigating the house after winter break.

[via Daily Tarheel]


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