UMich Sorority Girl’s Nose Ring Was Photoshopped Out Of Her Composite

UMich Sorority Girl's Nose Ring Was Photoshopped Out Of Her Composite

Seeing the finished product of any composite photo is a gamble. You show up hungover, with enough dry shampoo in your hair to start an explosion, wearing sweatpants on the bottom, and that oddly heavy black drape on the top, and pray to the vodka gods that you end up looking some level of decent. You find yourself thankful for your professional photographer’s ability to photoshop some life back into your eyes, and find yourself simply mystified that this angle he had your chin at actually looks kind of natural. When you get it back, at best, you look like a glistening goddess whose picture is worthy of hanging up in your sorority house for all of time. At worst, you see what University of Michigan student Laura Hollander saw when she received her composite: her face had been changed.

Her nose piercing had been edited out of her composite photo, and home girl is pissed. From HerCampus:

Most obviously, my nose piercing–or any other body modification or expression–is a personal choice that reflects intentional thought. For another agency–whether that be my sorority’s nationals, my high school, or the photography company hired by these organizations–to remove this from my body is inappropriate and simply unnecessary. This goes against what sororities stand for, namely the genuine and unconditional support that exists regardless of it’s members’ physical features.

Though it’s not yet been confirmed, I feel confident that this was the decision of the photographer, not the sorority (which I won’t name at this time), because if they gave a fuck about this, they probably wouldn’t have bid the girl. Plus nose rings usually end up just looking like part of girls’ faces. I always forget about my friends’ nose rings, and they’re literally in the center of their face, but eventually, you just don’t see them. I sincerely doubt the exec members made a note to the photographer to remove this.

Unfortunately, I think that might make it worse.

[via HerCampus]

The student photographed is not Laura Hollander. This is a stock photo from our database.

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