UK Man Put On A Sexy Strip Tease During Interview, Doesn’t Understand Why He Didn’t Get The Job

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With the economy in the dumps, you really have to do anything these days to stand out in the interview process. That’s exactly what this UK man did, and, personally, I think that it’s nothing I wouldn’t do. You should see the video of my interview here at Grandex, it puts “Magic Mike” to shame.

From Mirror UK:

Mr Mirza, 32, broke into a Full Monty-style strip tease to try and set himself apart from other candidates. But, despite his best efforts, the wacky act – which saw him sing Weather Girl’s hit ‘It’s Raining Men’ while seductively taking off his top – failed to secure him the IT job.

The only thing wrong with this picture is I question his song choice. I probably would have gone with something that really gets the crowd going like “Pour Some Sugar On Me.” IT is pretty boring as it is, so for this man to come in and be the life of the party, it probably would’ve been be the best thing to happen to the company. However, they failed to offer him the job but did tell him they loved his performance. It’s like saying fuck you but I love your outfit.

Instead Mukra received a letter congratulating him on his “disco-diva performance”, but turning him down for the position. It read: “Thanks again for coming for an interview with myself. It was interesting to meet with you. Whereas we loved your karaoke version of ‘It’s Raining Men’ we feel the strip tease was a little unnecessary. Thanks again for your time and I suggest moving forward you seek medical attention before attending other interviews.”

The only one who needs medical attention is the interviewers. Honestly, I’m not sure how he didn’t get the job.

[via Mirror UK]

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