UGA Students Harrassed “The Lady On Pope Street” To Her Breaking Point And Things Are Not Looking Good

Lady On Pope

There are lots of — err — notable characters on most college campuses outside the student body. There is generally some crazy preacher man who yells at unsuspecting “sinners” outside their anatomy lecture halls every day. There might be a guy who roams your college town in a top hat every day for seemingly no reason at all. And there’s probably an infamous homeless person with a dog that everyone loves. At the University of Georgia one of these classic campus characters is known to students as “The Lady on Pope Street,” because, well, she is a lady who lives on Pope Street.

She initially became fascinating to students when they began noticing that she is seemingly constantly looking at passersby out her window. A strange habit quickly became a campus phenomenon — visiting the Lady on Pope Street eventually became an activity that students would partake in with their friends. You walk or drive by her house to see if she’ll look at you. She always does.

Pope 2

Pope Street 1

Things began to get out of hand, though, and it is now to the point where there are caravans of student vehicles outside the lady’s house just to observe her. Finally, the Lady on Pope Street had had enough. In a video taken by observers, the Lady put her face up to the window and violently tore down the blinds to the sounds of screaming girls in the car.

Closeup 1


As you can probably imagine, the Lady on Pope Street does not seem to have all of her mental faculties intact, making this terrifying for both students, and more importantly, for her. She is said to be schizophrenic. As many people with schizophrenia are extremely paranoid, as she is likely to be based on the window-watching, this is honestly heartbreaking. To be afraid someone is after you, and then literally finding people lining up to watch you? That can’t be comforting. Some students, including the school’s running back Keith Marshall chimed in about the “visits” students paid her.

After the video leaked, her window was broken (it is suggested she may have broken it herself, but this is not confirmed), and a Jimmy John’s delivery person convinced her to let him board it up, then posted the following to Facebook.

Police are currently investigating the situation.

[via Total Frat Move]

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