UF’s AOPi Got Naked For The Camera On Bid Day And The Photo Was Leaked

AOPi Got Naked For The Camera On Bid Day And The Photo Was Leaked

As much as we like to claim all sorority stereotypes are false, there are some that exist because we give them a reason to. Like, sometimes, for funsies, we really do get drunk and naked with each other. I wouldn’t say pillow fights are generally involved because that would be crazy. But getting naked for the sake of being naked, or touching our sisters’ boobs, or spooning in a twin sized bed? That happens. In fact, getting naked was all we did in college. If you hadn’t seen me naked and/or seen me cry, we probably weren’t really friends.

This test of friendship seems to be pretty consistent with young girls everywhere, so it’s no surprise that on Bid Day, when love and friendship are at all-time highs, Alpha Omicron Pi at the University of Florida celebrated by laughing and flashing a camera. If we’re being honest, the photo of the girls flashing their (really nice–I’m jealous) bodies looks like one of those moments that just really makes you appreciate the people in your life. I’d bet these girls are set to look back on the photo in 30 years and smile, because they’ll know they were capable of a type of fun that would leave their husbands and their children in shock. But, unfortunately…it got out.

The University of Florida was made aware of this photo, and as a result, the photo leaked to news outlets everywhere. Surprisingly, though, it doesn’t look like the sorority is going to be in any trouble with the administration, according to a statement from UF spokeswoman Janine Sikes:

“Steps are being taken to address the issue, and we talked to the chapter president and asked her to advise headquarters.”

“It doesn’t appear to be a conduct violation, but this is something these women will have to live with for the rest of their lives.”

I understand it seems like that, girls, and when women who are much older than you tell you this is going to follow you forever, you believe them. But let’s keep this in mind: do you know how many titties are on the Internet? Millions. There are literally millions of boobs on the Internet. This will get buried somewhere in the back of the Internet’s closet, and no one will care. Your names aren’t attached to the photo. Your faces are barely identifiable if someone doesn’t know with certainty that it’s you in the photo. It will become untraceable. Do you know how hard I’ve tried to find my Myspace photos? Really hard. Couldn’t do it. Yes, it sucks now. You parents have probably been prouder and it’s really unfortunate that people are trying to embarrass you, but honestly, all I see in that photo is happy faces and great boobs. Nothing to be ashamed of.

[via The Independent Florida Alligator]

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