UConn DZ Suspended For Forcing Fraternity Boys To Eat Dog Treats And Wear Lady Thongs

UConn DZ

The University of Connecticut’s Delta Zeta chapter is under investigation for “allegedly” forcing fraternity men to eat dog treats, paint their bodies, and wear lady thongs while doing body shots–off of each other. It’s basically gayzing, only this time the girls were in charge. Break that glass ceiling, one doggie treat at a time.

While a lot of girls may bake goods that accidentally end up tasting like dog treats, this was the real deal. And while fraternity boys do love drinking, I assume they would have preferred taking body shots off of the ladies. What I don’t understand is why the dudes didn’t just leave and why the ladies wouldn’t have them do something a little more beneficial for both parties. Let’s be honest, if you’re going to haze a bunch of boys, force them to strip. Make them return your texts in a timely manner. Have them take you on a romantic date that involves roses instead of breakfast. Force them to do all the things you’ve always dreamed fraternity boys would do. After spending time on European beaches and in Miami, I can say without a doubt that boys in ladies thongs are not sexy–in fact, it’s so gross it’s basically hazing the girls instead.

Delta Zeta’s suspension means the sorority cannot host or participate in any chapter activities, so for now, pets in the area have enough food to eat. UConn has had a lot of issues recently, with Derek, the worst RA in the world, making waves on Monday. There was also a Kappa Kappa Gamma who ended up in the hospital after her sisters and members of Sigma Alpha Epsilon hazed her so much she blacked out–seems like the girls and boys are really a united front over at UConn. I guess it’s better than mixers looking more like middle school dances.

While guys eat lots of disgusting snacks during hazing, I can only assume it’s not while wearing ladies’ underwear and doing body shots off of each other, but I can’t be sure. The last time I checked, Hanky Panky panties were expensive, which means I certainly would not let a dirty fraternity boy wear a pair of mine.

[via NBC]

Image via UConn DZ

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