UCF Students Give Bus Driver Heartwarming Birthday Surprise

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If you live off campus, you know the oh so strenuous task that is taking the shuttle (or bus, if you may) to campus in the morning. It’s early, your coffee probably hasn’t kicked in yet, and it’s an awkward ride in silence as everyone stares at their phones. But if you go to the University of Central Florida, and live at Plaza University, you have a much different experience.

The Plaza University shuttle driver, Maurice, goes the extra mile to make sure his passengers have a good day. That’s saying a lot considering how obnoxious college students can be, especially in the morning. He could just as easily do as Rihanna once said, “shut up and drive.” UCF ZTA, Megan McCarthy says Maurice, “is AMAZING. He brightens everyone’s day; he sings, dances, asks about how we are, etc.” Dances?! I need this man to transfer to my school.

When regular Maurice passenger, Joshua Gicker found out Maurice’s birthday was coming up, he wanted to make his day special, just as he does daily for all of them. Gicker posted this message to the Plaza University Facebook group.


McCarthy set up a Tilt for residents to donate a dollar or two if they felt so inclined. While they were expecting to only raise around forty dollars, after three days they had raised $450 for Maurice. Gicker recorded Maurice’s reaction (because we’re millennials, duh), and posted the video to Facebook with this message.

This is Maurice, a shuttle driver here at UCF, he is easily one of the most kind individuals I have ever met. He doesn’t care what you look like or who you are, he always has a smile for you. I watched tons of college students come together to give back to this man who goes above and beyond in his job every day. His birthday was this past Sunday, upon finding that out, I made one Facebook post on my apartments page and within 3 days and the help of countless others we raised 450 dollars for him. I will never forget this moment.

The man, the myth, the legend.

Watch for all the feels.

Management: if you’re reading this, give this man a raise.

[via Megan McCarthy]

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