UCF Sigma Nu Is Going To Wish No One Recorded This Video Of Them Planning To “Rape Some B*tches”

UCF Sigma Nu Is Going To Wish No One Recorded Them Planning To "Rape Some B*tches"

Vile, vulgar, and stupid are three words that come to mind when I think of UCF’s Sigma Nu after hearing the following recording obtained by Knight News, throughout which members can be heard saying “We’re raping some bitches tonight,” “We’re gonna rape some fucking sluts,” and “We’re gonna rape ‘em. Who cares?” The whole recording is basically just “rape, rape, rape.” It’s not pleasant.

The Huffington Post reports that it was actually a Sigma Nu’s girlfriend who recorded the disgusting banter. Not a student at UCF herself, she then gave the recording to a female student at UCF “ because she felt that they may be able to help” her.

Sigma Nu is on interim suspension as of July 20, and will have a hearing on August 20 to determine the level of consequences the students in the video may face. According to the school’s code of conduct that could range anywhere from a research paper to expulsion. The fraternity as a whole may be banned from the school, and possibly lose its charter.

The national office made the following statement:

Sigma Nu officials received copies of recordings from the UCF police department. The words used by people in the recordings are disrespectful, despicable and vile. The Fraternity and University are investigating the recordings. Following the completion of the investigation, the Fraternity will take action as may be appropriate.

I’m just so grossed out.

[via The Huffington Post reports]

Image via Knight News

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