Tyga Puts Tiger Stripes On His Head, Because He’s Basically Begging Kylie To Dump Him

Tyga Puts Tiger Stripes On His Head, Because He's Basically Begging Kylie To Dump Him

People all over the United States right now seem troubled, lost, and even confused. But the most confused of all, seems to be Tyga, who decided it was a good idea to cut his hair into fucking tiger stripes. Yes. Tyga is now officially a tiger. Or trying to be.

The second most confused person in the United States right now, has to by Kylie Jenner. Here we have the youngest and second richest in her family, emotionally attached to a guy who cut tiger stripes into his fucking head because his name is Tyga. Kylie Jenner could quite possibly have any man in the world she wanted, but she chooses to stay with a guy who has a maze game on his head.

Tell me, how on Earth can the most lavish family in the world let this happen to their youngest cub? The family has been vacationing together in Costa Rica, having extravagant dinners, flawless photoshoots, and being the damn near best looking people on this planet, only to have tiger stripes photobomb their family shoots.

This is truly more devastating than when Kim lost her earring in the ocean.

Image via Bukley | Shutterstock

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