Two Grad Students Invented A Device To Detect Marijuana Use And We’re All Screwed


Say goodbye to the days of discretely hitting the bong, because this generation’s biggest party poopers are here to shit on your day. Two grad students from the University of Akron have invented a device that allows law enforcement to determine exactly how much THC is in your system, because apparently there’s nothing better to do in Ohio than come up with ways to ruin everyone’s day.

The device tests saliva to determine exactly how much devil’s lettuce you’ve been smoking, and is intended for traffic stops. The two are calling the device the “Cannibuster,” which I would consider clever if I wasn’t so pissed off.

Let me take a second to shame these two for wasting time by creating a solution for a non-problem. If these girls are smart enough to invent something like this, then they have to be smart enough to know that current science is eluding to the possibility that weed could potentially be instrumental in curing cancer. So instead of looking into that, they’re just like, “Nah, Imma utilize some state funding and bust some peaceful tokers instead.”

The pair hope to market the device to states where marijuana has been legalized, and were granted $10,000 inventor’s award for the invention.

Thanks for nothing, assholes.

[via Huffington Post]

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