TV Host Pat Robertson Says “Disobedient Wives Must Be Spanked”

And I don’t mean in a 50 Shades of Grey inspired way.

Pat Robertson, a Christian TV personality (because that’s a thing, I guess), recently gave some pretty ridiculous advice on his show, 700 Club, to a viewer who called in for advice about how to confront her cheating husband.

While most other TV show hosts would have provided advice in some variation of “leave his cheating ass,” Robertson decided to kick it old school testament and cite the Bible. Robertson said, “Paul tells us in Corinthians the importance of submission. And when you lose the submission in a marriage, there’s only one solution: a good spanking. Wives must be spanked by their husbands. It’s the only way to keep biblical order. Nothing too hard, just enough to let her know he’s the one in charge. So I have to ask, when was your last spanking dear?” he asked the caller.

Wait. Hold the fucking phone.

Is this guy serious? Don’t get me wrong, I can fully get down with a little spanking in the boudoir, but I’m almost 100% positive this is NOT what he was referring to. Granted, Robertson is 83, so he’s fucking ancient, and back in his day, I think that sort of abuse was semi-condoned, but once again, IS THIS GUY SERIOUS?

Naturally, the female caller was livid, telling him she called to figure out how to approach her husband with the wandering dick, not about how to get disciplined.

Robertson’s response: “You see, that’s exactly the kind of attitude that tells me you’re not getting the discipline you need at home. If your husband kept you in line, you wouldn’t have such a mouth on you, sweetheart. I know you’re confused with all the feminism, lesbianism and vegetarianism in our culture. But God made women to do three things: obey men, have babies, and cook meat. So stop worrying about what your husband is up to and just get back to basics.”

OKAY THEN, YOU DECREPIT PRICK. I actually thought he was joking, but apparently, he wasn’t. Since women are only here to do three things, I’m going to go ahead and assume that since giving blowjobs and cleaning aren’t in my area, I should be exempt from those, right? Should I just go ahead and give up my right to vote and my right to drive, while I’m at it?

I’d also like to point out that vegetarianism is a dietary choice, not a civil rights movement or a sexual preference, so I’m unclear as to how any three of those have to do with a husband’s infidelity.

I’ve never supported euthanasia so much.

[via Daily Currant]

Image via Associated Press


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