Turns Out Jon Hamm Was An Actual “Mad Man” And Hazed Pledges Back In The Day

Jon Hamm

Oh Jon Hamm. America’s giant dick. God, we love him. His tight pants. The way he tells people to close the door. His tight pants. Honestly though, when we think of him, most of us imagine him as his character, Don Draper. The suits, the drinking, the giant hunk of man that he is. UGH. The fantasy of him in a power position is almost too much to handle and the fact that seems like a TOTAL d-bag? An imaginary turn-on for us.

Turns out, it’s 100 percent accurate.

The dad-aged man whom we regularly have sex dreams about was just outed as a hazer. Daily Mail recently reported that Mr. Hamm was involved in a pretty disturbing incident back in college. The article explained some of the details, and I just have to say, it’s a fucking nightmare.

According to the explosive court documents, Hamm was in his sophomore year at UT-Austin when a prospective 21-year-old pledge was called to the Sigma Nu house at 2.30am. When he got there, according to Travis County Court documents, Hamm – who was then aged 20 – and other frat brothers ominously told him, ‘It’s going to be a long night!’

The unidentified junior was then allegedly subjected to two hours of brutal physical attacks as part of his fiery baptism into the fraternity.

The alleged victim told police that Hamm and other members hit him with a paddle 30 times and then lifted the pledge off the floor by his underwear, ‘pulling it back and forth in a sawing motion’, causing ‘great pain’.

The pledged then claimed that Hamm led him to a basement ‘Pit’ where he slammed the junior’s face into the ground while he was doing push-ups and then allegedly stood on his spine with his full weight.

Shockingly, after this, Hamm is then supposed to have set fire to the pledge’s pants and refused to let him pat the flames down, but instead made him blow them out.

At the end of the vicious hazing ritual, the pledge was taken to a part of the frat house called the ‘Party Room’ where Hamm ‘hooked the claw of a hammer underneath his genitals and led him by the hammer around the room’.

Allegedly not content with this, Hamm then went onto to break into another potential pledge’s room that night and subjected him to a similar torturous initiation.

YIKES. In case you haven’t noticed, hazing is a big no-no. And now-a-days the things that chapters are getting shut down for look mild compared to this. The article went on to say:

Eight warrants were issued for Hamm and seven other frat members, which was shut down for a time after the alleged incident. Three members of Sigma Nu were sentenced to 30 days in prison for the hazing ritual and Hamm was eventually hit with hazing and assault charges in 1991.

In the wake of the hazing incident, the Sigma Nu fraternity was shut down in 1990 after the pledge’s mother made her son’s alleged assault public by going to the police. In 1990, the AP reported that Sigma NU would close and that seven students were being punished after pledges were ‘physically and psychologically attacked’. The-then national president of Sigma Nu, James Cherry, said that he was revoking the charter of its UT-Austin, saying, ‘Basically, we’re out of business on this campus’.

‘But our fraternity was founded in opposition to hazing in 1869 and we will not tolerate any form of hazing today.’

A warrant was issued for Hamm’s arrest in 1992 but the actor reached a plea deal with authorities in 1995 and the charges were dismissed.

Well, shit. And here we thought Jon Hamm just played a mean douchebag who had no regard for other people’s feelings. Naturally, this all happened when he was young, dumb, and in college – a novelty most of us have experienced. One of his close friends spoke up and assured “The hazing incident was an isolated incident in Jon’s life. Since then, he’s been strong enough to take steps to make himself a better person.”

And that he has. Even though he’s dealt with some personal struggles and went to rehab recently, even though he said playing Don “does not come without its own difficulties, it’s not fun to live in this guy’s headspace year after year,” and even though he miiiiiight have royally fucked up in college, I just have to say this: I’d still bang him. Everyone loves a reformed man.

[via Daily Mail]

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