TSM FAIL FRIDAY: Precious Nicknames

Ten real TSM submissions and one video that didn’t seem quite right. Names were omitted to protect the guilty.

Getting the nickname “shackie”. TSM.

That was cute on Frenchie, but I don’t know…

I’m going to dress like I’m asking for it…because I am. TSM.

Well if you have to ask…then you’re a slut. Bye.

Getting pulled over by the police for an alcohol violation and when asked who the current president is saying “George W. Bush” proudly. TSM.

I bet they found that really funny and let you off with a warning.

Can’t decide if the most important day of my life is my wedding or Big Sis Reveal! TSM.

Your wedding…

Being pretty enough to be a TFM Sweetheart, but humble enough not to. RSM.

First of all, doubt it. Second of all, GTFO with your RSM.

Making party cups for your wedding. TSM.

Tacky party cups at your backyard wedding. Total Louisiana Move.

My Little’s nickname is Raw Dawg. TSM.


I’ve taken anal so many times I have severe anal fissures and constantly bleed. I keep doing it to make my fratdaddy happy. TSM.

Anal fissures probably make it super uncomfortable when he pees in your butt.

it’s hard not to think about him when youre laying next to his big in bed. TSM.

Big/Little bond grows stronger once you’re eskimo bros! You’re so special to them!

Went to formal with a Delta Sig, Flirted with Sigma Nu’s and Went home with a SAE.

You sound like an awesome date.

The Sorority Girl Cinnamon Challenge:

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