TSM FAIL FRIDAY: Poor, Fat, and Stupid

Ten real submissions and four pictures that didn’t seem quite right. Names were omitted to protect the guilty.

That awkward moment when it’s not a costume party. TSM.

Gosh, did you see Legally Blonde also? I remember that part too! It WAS a really awkward moment!

There’s a fine line between being a slut and being classy. I walk that line. TSM.

There’s also a line between Pennsylvania and Maryland, but last I checked both are pretty distinct and it’s clear which side you’re on.

Instead of my bf getting me stuffed animals for my birthday, I’d rather get stuffed. TSM.

I’d rather get stuff. I’m not going to touch on the classlessness here, rather that those are terrible birthday gifts and your boyfriend is a pauper.

Dieting to fit into my recruitment shirts. TSM.

Yes, it’s fine to wear lettered shirts like sausage casing all year round as long as they sort of fit during this paramount week.

I can’t buy the weight watchers app because Daddy won’t tell me the security code on his card. TSM.

Poor and fat. TSM.

One of my sisters jokingly threatened to take my most valuable belongings; my bows, lilly, pillow pet, and my Disney movies…so I “jokingly” took her most valuable belonging. TSM.

Shit, everyone. Eden Wood didn’t get her nap today and her sisters are going to PAY.

The night isn’t complete without a drunken fall, some bruises, and peeing your pants. TSM.

You’d really go so far as to say that your night isn’t COMPLETE without peeing your pants? Your room must smell horrendous.

More sorority girls voted for Lilly than the Presidential election. TSM.
–North Carolina

And look how well that turned out…

My fiance told me he totally understands if my grades start slipping because I’m too busy looking at my ring to pay attention in class. Yet another reason why I’m marrying him. TSM.

So he inadvertently told you he thinks you’re stupid. Sounds dreamy.

This is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and rage. TSM.

Let’s not try to make blasphemy srat from now on.

“Let’s dress up like we’re ready to rage! In a homeless shelter!”

Translation: All I do is sleep and eat. NS.

Show your faces, GDIs.

Getting Eifell Towered by ginger twins. NS.

TSM Intern

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