Top Spring Break Destinations Of 2014

Top Spring Break Destinations Of 2014

During my junior year of college, I turned 21 on spring break in Panama City Beach, Florida. Needless to say, I befriended a stripper, came closer than I care to admit to being tricked into having a threesome, and woke up next to my best friend with a mystery condom in my bra. I don’t remember much, but I think there was a time when my pledge sisters and I were feeding each other the slices of cheese we were dumb enough to purchase in advance. I convinced myself for exactly two and a half weeks post-spring break that I was in love with a boy I’d met there. I think his name was Mike. Or Matt. It was a good time.

PCB is one of the most popular spring break destinations there is, but I was surprised to discover it only came in seventh, according to Business Insider. Acquiring data from Priceline, who listed the cities with the most hotel bookings using .edu email addresses in March, BI was able to list the top spring break destinations of 2014.

1. Las Vegas
2. New Orleans
3. Denver
4. New York
5. San Diego
6. Chicago
7. Panama City Beach
8. Orlando
9. Dallas
10. Nashville
11. San Antonio
12. Seattle
13. Fort Lauderdale
14. South Padre Island
15. Cancun
16. Boston
17. Washington
18. Baltimore
19. Indianapolis
20. Miami
21. Arlington (Virginia)
22. Honolulu
23. Miami Beach
24. Phoenix
25. Myrtle Beach
26. Los Angeles
27. Atlanta
28. Paris
29. San Juan
30. Philadelphia
31. Charlotte
32. Scottsdale
33. Kissimmee
34. Saint Louis
35. Austin
36. Rio Grande
37. Charleston
38. Portland
39. San Francisco
40. Milwaukee
41. Dublin
42. Miami Springs
43. Lake Buena Vista
44. Minneapolis
45. Salt Lake City
46. Kearney (Nebraska)
47. Los Cabos
48. Anchorage
49. Mobile
50. Tucson

[via Business Insider]

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